Mekanotjänst is your natural partner for advanced mechanical engineering solutions

Mekanotjänst provides advanced manufacturing to successful industries and offers production with the latest equipment, skills, capacity and experience in mechanical manufacture including laser cutting, turning, pipe processing and the assembly of advanced product systems. The Mekanotjänst group, with headquarters in Järvsö, has around 230 employees. Production sites are located in Järvsö, Ljusdal and Tartu in Estonia.
Mekanotjänst’s vision is to be the first-choice partner with skills and expertise necessary to meet tomorrow’s requirements for complex mechanical solutions.


Mekanotjänst i Järvsö AB
Box 34
Industrivägen 20
820 40 Järvsö
Phone: +46 10-483 88 00
Fax: +46 651-400 20


Mekanotjänst i Ljusdal AB
Norrkämstaleden 28
827 31 Ljusdal
Phone: +46 10-483 88 00
Fax: +46 651-76 07 80


Mekanotjänst Baltic AS
Tööstuse tee 10
Törvandi Ulenurme vald
EE-61715 Tartumaa

The group also includes Trux, European market leader in front protection equipment for heavy trucks, and Wirematic TruTorq, producer of pneumatic actuators. Read more here: | |