Sheet metal processing

Mekanotjänst carries out most types of sheet metal processing and has modern equipment for stamping, laser cutting, brake pressing, excenter pressing and welding. Mekanotjänst’s strength lies in the ability to deliver cost-effective, advanced sheet metal fabrication based on its broad range of skills and extensive experience.

Highly competitive, constant improvements

Mekanotjänst provides everything from advanced, high-precision aluminium sheet components for the telecommunications industry to more robust sheet metal parts able to withstand heavy loads for e.g. the offshore and automotive industries.

Mekanotjänst meets the cleanliness, precision and durability requirements demanded in many different market segments. Cost effectiveness is achieved through optimized production using e.g. nesting and unmanned operation. Furthermore, Mekanotjänst apply LEAN methods and work constantly to improve manufacturing processes in order to optimize production, minimize material waste and unnecessary work in the production chain.

Laser cutting
Brake pressing
Axcenter pressing
Maximumrange, size: 1500 x 3000 mm
Maximum range, thickness: 20 mm
Materials: aluzinc, sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel


Mekanotjänst perform certified welding of most materials using methods and equipment that meet standards for appearance, strength and total overall cost. Mekanotjänst’s production technicians optimize the production process for welding and subsequent operations.

Welded products are used in several industries that demand high standards of cleanliness, fluid and gas-tight integrity and pressure resistance. Mekanotjänst provides everything from simple welded components and products to complex designs for both light and heavy industry. Quality-assured welding and soldering is performed using MAG, TIG and spot welding techniques and soldering and brazing of everything from thin sheet to heavier structures.

Welding as per ISO 3834-2
MIG, MAG, TIG and spot welding
Soldering and brazing
Materials: steel, stainless steel aluminium, copper, brass

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