Mekanotjänst is your first choice of long-term collaborative partner

Mekanotjänst has a broad range of skills, experience and capacity to stay with you all the way from product concept to profitable series production. Mekanotjänst’s strength lies in the ability to develop cost-effective, long-term solutions in collaboration with the customer for everything from the manufacture of simple products to complex system deliveries.

Mekanotjänst collaborates with world leaders in telecom, electronics, medical technology and the mechanical engineering industry. Mekanotjänst strive to achieve long-term relationships and does what it takes to deliver competitive solutions of the highest quality.

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Turning and milling

Mekanotjänst offers a broad range of turning and milling services that meet market requirements for cost-effective, quality-assured manufacturing. A constant development of production technology and ongoing investments in modern equipment guarantee Mekanotjänst’s ability to meet these requirements both today and tomorrow.

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Sheet metal processing

Mekanotjänst carries out most types of sheet metal processing and has modern equipment for stamping, laser cutting, brake pressing, excenter pressing and welding. Mekanotjänst’s strength lies in the ability to deliver cost-effective, advanced sheet metal fabrication based on its broad range of skills and extensive experience.

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Mekanotjänst’s manpower and assembly skills enable delivery of complete, assembled products that meet highest demands for quality and cost-effectiveness. The assembly lines are highly flexible and have the skills and capacity for assembling a wide range of products, from highly detailed electromechanics to large, complex modules.

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Pipe processing

Mekanotjänst has long experience in the manufacture of tubular components and products for the mechanical engineering industry. Pipe processing includes bending, pipe end machining, welding and brazing. Mekanotjänst also engineer, produce and assemble tubular products in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.