Pipe processing

Mekanotjänst has long experience in the manufacture of tubular components and products for the mechanical engineering industry. Pipe processing includes bending, pipe end machining, welding and brazing. Mekanotjänst also engineer, produce and assemble tubular products in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

Pipe bending, hydraulics and structural tubing

Mekanotjänst has a number of bending machines able to bend both fixed and free radii in most materials. Customers for machined tubular products operate in e.g. the hydraulics, rail tech, forestry and food industries, all with high standards of finish, quality, cleanliness and fluid and gas-tight integrity.

Many of our products for hydraulics and other fluid media require sealed welding which are verified by seal (helium) and/or pressure testing.

Mekanotjänst guarantees high quality and traceability of its welded products and is certified to welding standard 3834-2.

Shunt mixing groups

Mekanotjänst has deep knowledge and experience in the manufacture of customized shunt mixing groups for the heating, ventilation and sanitation industry, for control of heating and cooling. Shunt mixing group manufacture includes the whole process from flow calculations to production of the complete product.

Currently Mekanotjänst has produced over 40,000 shunt mixing groups for use in everything from sports arenas to underground mines all over the world.

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