Our history

Mekanotjänst has grown from a small local company to an industrial group with around 230 employees. The journey, which began in 1976, not only brought growth and development, but also challenges. Today we are a strong partner with leading-edge skills able to offer advanced mechanical services to successful industrial companies.

July 2022

Sale of Mekanotjänst Estonia OÜ

Mekanotjänst makes a strategic decision to centralize production to the production units in Järvsö and Ljusdal. A contributing factor to the decision is the decreased demand for manufacturing in LCC (low-cost countries) and the positive effects of increased competence, capacity, and competitiveness in Mekanotjänst' production unit in Järvsö. Mekanotjänst Estonia OÜ is sold to existing employees who continue the operation under a different company name.

January 2022

Sale of Mekanotjänst group

Mekanotjänst Holding CF AB with Christer Fransson sells the Mekanotjänst business to five employees with many years of experience in the company.

July 2021

Mekanotjänst increases production pace during the Corona pandemic

Mekanotjänst plays a significant role in society's handling of the Corona pandemic. The production of components and mechanical systems for delivery to Maquet Critical Care's manufacturing of respirators for further delivery to healthcare facilities worldwide.

August 2018

Bäst på tunnplåt

Mekanotjänst conducts strategic investments in sheet metal operations, including in a Trumpf TruPunch 5000 with all options, thereby offering top-tier capacity and functionality within sheet metal processing. The investment marks the start of Mekanotjänst' focus on mechanical manufacturing for the future.

October 2016

Sale of TRUX

Mekanotjänst divests the company Trux to Extendo, which also owns Exte, a manufacturer of load bars for timber transports. The sale is a first step towards refining the business to subcontracting within mechanics. The Extendo group simultaneously expands its portfolio within manufacturing and sales of accessories for the transport sector.

November 2016

Discontinuation of Mekanotjänst Hudiksvall

As the production unit's largest single customer HIAB (now Cargotec) moves its production to Poland, the production load in Hudiksvall decreases. When the lease contract ends, the management of Mekanotjänst decides to discontinue the unit in Hudiksvall. The remaining production volume is moved to other production units in Örnsköldsvik and Järvsö.

July 2016

Formation of Mekanotjänst Estonia OÜ

Mekanotjänst and Hallbergs Mekaniska decide jointly to split the operation in Estonia. In connection with the agreement, Mekanotjänst forms the company Mekanotjänst Estonia OÜ and moves part of the operation to new premises in Tartu. The main focus of the new company is advanced cutting processing of articles with large volumes and long lead times. The machinery is expanded with, among other things, a 5-axis machining machine for manufacturing complex details for the medtech sector.

June 2016

Mekanotjänst discontinues the unit in Örnsköldsvik

As BAE Hägglunds AB's sales drastically decrease, Mekanotjänst in Örnsköldsvik AB experiences a 90-percent reduction in orders and thus production capacity. Consequently, Mekanotjänst decides to discontinue the company in Örnsköldsvik.

April 2010

Mekanotjänst begins collaboration with BAE Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik.

BAE Hägglunds is a defense company based in Örnsköldsvik primarily focusing on the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of armored vehicles, combat vehicles, and other military equipment. The company is known for its development of high-tech, customized solutions within land-based defense systems.

January 2010

Mekanotjänst relocates production from Söderhamn to Estonia

Mekanotjänst discontinues its unit in Söderhamn and forms the new company Mekanotjänst Baltic AS in Tartu, Estonia. The new company, co-owned with Hallbergs Mechanical, continues the manufacturing of mechanical components for Ericsson.

September 2007

Mekanotjänst ensures work environment safety through OHSAS 18001 certification

OHSAS 18001 is an international standard for ensuring good work environment and safety, providing organizations with a framework to identify, control, and reduce health and safety risks at the workplace. Its purpose is to help organizations create the best possible working conditions in their environments by preventing accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses.

March 2004

Mekanotjänst' management system is expanded to include the environment

Mekanotjänst develops its environmental work and conducts an ISO 14001 certification of its operations. ISO 14001 is a global standard for environmental management systems that helps organizations reduce their environmental impact through continuous improvement of their environmental performance.

October 2003

Mekanotjänst purchases WM and starts manufacturing pneumatic actuators

Mekanotjänst acquires WM Regler, now Wirematic Trutorq AB, and with this starts the manufacturing and assembly of pneumatic actuators for delivery to offshore, ship, and process industries worldwide.

October 2001

Mekanotjänst establishes the company Mekanotjänst in Söderhamn AB

Formation of Mekanotjänst Söderhamn and takeover of the outsourced mechanical workshop from Ericsson.

September 2001

Mekanotjänst establishes the company Mekanotjänst in Örnsköldsvik AB

Formation of Mekanotjänst Örnsköldsvik and takeover of the outsourced mechanical workshop from BAE.

August 1999

Mekanotjänst purchases Trux

Trux AB is acquired. Trux develops, manufactures, markets, and sells safety and styling equipment such as light bars and front protection in aluminum for heavy trucks.

June 1997

Mekanotjänst takes over HIAB's mechanical workshop in Hudiksvall

Formation of Mekanotjänst in Hudiksvall AB and the takeover of the outsourced mechanical workshop from HIAB. Besides manufacturing components for HIAB's production, series production for ABB Components and OilQuick in Hudiksvall also takes place.

March 1997

Ericsson chooses Mekanotjänst as a supplier

Mekanotjänst begins manufacturing components for Ericsson's telecom division in Sweden. The collaboration leads to several important machine investments, and the production pace increases significantly.

April 1996

Mekanotjänst begins cooperation and manufacturing of medical components for Siemens

2016 marked the start of over a 25-year collaboration with Siemens, now Maquet Critical Care AB, regarding the manufacturing and delivery of components for, among other things, anesthesia machines and ventilators.

September 1995

Mekanotjänst' first ISO certification

The first version of Mekanotjänst' management system is introduced. In connection with this, the company's first ISO 9001 certification is also carried out.

November 1991

Formation of the holding company

Mekanotjänst establishes Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Christer Fransson (now Frana Holding AB). The company becomes the parent company in the group and the owner of the shares in the subsidiaries.

April 1986

Mekanotjänst purchases Ljusdal Rörteknik

Ljusdal Rörteknik AB (now Mekanotjänst in Ljusdal AB) is acquired. In addition to manufacturing shunt groups, the company specializes in pipe processing including bending, end processing, and welding. The acquisition is a strong addition to Mekanotjänst' production range and contributes to the overall breadth in mechanical manufacturing.

June 1976

Mekanotjänst is established

Mekanotjänst Christer Fransson AB (currently Mekanotjänst in Järvsö AB) is established in a basement location in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, focusing on simple mechanical processing. Shortly thereafter, the operations move to Järvsö.