Our Sustainability work

Within Mekanotjänst, we have divided our sustainability work into three areas – social responsibility, economic responsibility, and environmental responsibility.

The UN’s sustainable development goals are important aspects of sustainable development, and as a company, we respect all these goals, however we have chosen to focus particularly on goals number 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 as we assess that these are the goals we have the greatest opportunity to influence and contribute to through our operations. These goals encompass areas such as working conditions, equality, innovation, sustainable consumption and production, and reduced climate impact.

Social Responsibility

As a significant employer in Ljusdal Municipality, we take our social responsibility very seriously, for both the company’s employees and our fellow human beings in our environment. Within the company, we advocate for equality, diversity, stimulation, and development. In our external environment, we strive to be an attractive but also stable and reliable employer. We support the local business community and youth sports.

To contribute to goal number 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure, we will continue to invest in technological development and innovation to streamline our operations and reduce our environmental impact. Even though we cannot directly influence infrastructure, we will collaborate with local authorities and other companies to advocate for improved access to infrastructure in our local area.

To contribute to goal number 10 on reduced inequalities, we will continue to work to promote equality and diversity within the company and by supporting local businesses and projects that promote economic development and inclusion in society.

Mekanotjänst wants to support community initiatives and contribute by sponsoring local associations and their activities.

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Economic responsibility

We take economic responsibility by running and developing our business towards sustainable, long-term goals. The company’s long-term economic needs to operate and develop the business take precedence over financial returns and profit sharing.

We take economic responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders. We aim for long-term relationships with good, economic conditions that are beneficial for all parties.

Furthermore, we also take economic responsibility for our employees. We adhere to collective agreements, conduct regular salary surveys, and strive to ensure that wages and other compensations are perceived as beneficial.

To contribute to goal number 8 on decent work and economic growth, we will continue to work to create job opportunities and economic growth by investing in our operations and collaborating with small and medium-sized enterprises in our region. We will also promote equality and inclusion in our workplace by encouraging union activities, offering equal opportunities, and protecting workers’ rights.

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Environmental Responsibility

We conduct active environmental work aimed at minimizing our environmental impact both locally and globally, as well as our use of natural resources. We have an orderly waste management system that minimizes emissions to soil, water, and air as much as possible. Furthermore, we have procedures to design and follow up on our energy plan to reduce CO2 equivalent emissions.

To contribute to goal number 12 on responsible consumption and production, we will continue to reduce our own environmental impact by using more sustainable materials and processes in our production. We will also work with our suppliers and customers to promote sustainable consumption and production throughout our supply chain.

To contribute to goal number 13 on climate action, we will continue to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and work with our suppliers and customers to promote sustainable energy solutions. We will also collaborate with local authorities and other companies to promote sustainable transport solutions and reduce climate impact.

We will continuously evaluate, revise, and develop our sustainability plan to ensure that we are doing our utmost to contribute to social, economic, and environmental responsibility, as well as to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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